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Duba Wot — pumpkin stew. Ingudai Tibs — spicy mushrooms. Ambasha — sweet bread. Shahi Bengan — Roasted Stuffed Eggplant. Gobi Pakoras — Batter-fried Cauliflower.

Pani Puri — Street Food Favorite. Shahi Paneer — fried tofu cubes in creamy tomato sauce. Seitan Vindaloo — Goan Tangy Curry. Gajur Halava — Bengali Carrot Pudding.

Gulab Jamuns — Doughballs in Rose Syrup. Berry Halava — Fruity Semolina Dessert. In einem kleinen Topf Wasser zum Kochen bringen.

Erneut zum Kochen bringen. Flamme niedrigstellen und abdecken. Je nach Bedarf 12 bis 20 Min. Wenn das Wasser absorbiert ist, Reis vom Herd nehmen.

Mit einer Gabel lockern. Weiter 4 bis 5 Min. Bis zum Servieren abgedeckt durchziehen lassen. Abdecken und Teig 20 bis 30 Min.

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Teig in 4 bis 6 Kugeln formen. The ship was registered at Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland. The vessel visited Auckland, New Zealand, three times between Feb.

It was on one of those voyages that Archie Linton was aboard. In , the vessel was sold again, to Mercury Shipping Ltd. Actual break-up commenced on Mar.

The seems to be very little WWW data available about this vessel. Can you add more? Visited Auckland, New Zealand, 3 times between Sep.

In , the vessel rescued 5 crew members of Clan Keith , tons, which, on Nov. It would seem that the vessel exploded upon impact.

So 62 lost their lives. The Clan Keith Captain, Capt. The vessel was sold, on Dec. Can you add anything! David Ferry advises thanks David!

He remembers vividly the installation in the ship of the heavy crankshaft - at low tide. And, of interest to this site, also directed at which particular facility ships would, at the end of their lives, be scrapped.

WWW data is most limited. Miramar indicate, however, that the vessel was owned by Hogarth2 in David Mills recalls thanks David! The vessel visited Auckland, New Zealand, three times between Jul.

From May 6, to May 8, , the vessel was laid up at Piraeus. There seems to be very little WWW data available about this vessel.

A quality image of Baron Wemyss? From 1 Douglas Steamship, Inchona nr. The vessel visited New Zealand once, on Jul.

Ugland Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd. The page had 4 images but you may need to be registered to see them , 4 fine image, vessel plans , 5 15 images, mainly shipyard interior images , 6 Booker Line, Booker Venture , 7 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

British Guiana became Guyana in Maybe sold instead to Transmar Shipping Co. Dates do not jive perfectly, so I am not sure!

It must have been very early in because in Jan. Built for Bamburgh Shipping Co. In , the vessel was sold to Greek owners, which specific company?

And in sold to whom? A refrigerated cargo ship. Was modified to carry containers. In , the vessel was sold to Ocean Tramping Co.

But registered at Mogadishu, Somalia. In , the vessel was sold to China Ocean Shipping Co. And in , the vessel was sold again, to Dalian Ocean Shipping Co.

I read that the vessel was scrapped in There is very little data WWW available about this vessel. Per 1 [Ropner, Bridgepool 2 ], 2 Ropner, in panel, view it full screen , 3 image, Bridgepool , 4 image Ekton , 5 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

Registered at West Hartlepool. After being laid up for 4 months, the vessel sailed for Sunderland, where minor repairs were effected.

The vessel was laid up again in Per 1 [Trader Navigation, Middlesex Trader 2 ], 2 collision , 3 image, Middlesex Trader , but you must be registered to see it , 4 the damaged Elisa F.

Built for Trader Navigation Co. In , the vessel was sold to Doric Shipping Corp. In late , likely with both vessels travelling fast in the fog, Homer was in collision with Elisa F.

Homer was held to be at fault, I understand. In , the vessel was renamed Assios. In , the vessel was sold to Euston Shipping Co.

Actual break up commenced on Apl. WWW data is really quite limited. Can you fill in the blanks or otherwise add anything! Marie, Michigan, in Sep.

Built for Stag Line Ltd. In , the vessel discharged 23, tons of bulk grain at Liverpool, the largest such single shipment to have then been handled there.

On May 20, , the vessel arrived at Shanghai, China, to be broken up. Designed with the maximum possible dimensions to operate through the St.

In , the vessel was chartered by Hyman-Michaels Co. In or about , the vessel required tug assistance after a grounding. Have not read where but in the Great Lakes or the Seaway.

In , the vessel was sold to Ben Line Steamers Ltd. David Stewart of New Zealand advises, thanks David! In , the vessel was renamed Cramond. I wonder why it changed - a 3 year charter perhaps?

It would seem there was no change of owners. That same dead site also referred to some of the varied cargoes carried - wheat, plywood, steel bars, soya beans.

Despite the above, WWW data about the vessel is really quite limited. Michael Foreman has kindly been in touch thanks so much! The ship lay anchored in Pohai gulf, top end of the Yellow Sea, just off the coast at the bottom of the river leading up to Tientsin, for many weeks, there were a great deal of other ships waiting at anchorage for their turn to dock.

I think the name change was so that it was not immediately apparent that the vessel had been trading into China, which could have caused a problem had she needed to go to Taiwan.

She went back to Hong Kong from Korea to Taikoo dry-dock for repairs. After repairs she went light ship back to Japan.

She picked cargo up in Chiba and Yokohama, steel bars mainly. The vessel left Japan for Vancouver Island, arriving there on Mar.

Under the name of Benhiant again she did a voyage from Avon mouth in Avon mouth about May 21, to Hamburg and then up through the Great Lakes to Superior opposite Duluth returning through the Gt.

Lakes across the Atlantic to Liverpool in Liverpool Jul. Can you add anything additional! A village in Suffolk, located close to Newmarket, where Mr.

Built for Atlantic Shipping and Trading Co. Major repairs, probably in , it would seem. In , the vessel was renamed Maritsa III.

Can you provide more data? Per 1 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access. Owned by General Carriers S.

So maybe the vessel survived the wreck? And provide more data? Fred Smith advises thanks Fred! I had not read that data before.

Late that month, severe storms hit the NSW coast of Australia. Why ever did he do that in all of the circumstances?

Orders were given to move out to sea, but it was just too late. It took 45 minutes to raise the anchor! With its engines at full-ahead, the ship could make no headway.

No tug was, in all of the circumstances, available to assist Sygna which lost approx. Pounded by the elements, orders were given to abandon the ship.

With great difficulty however, all 30 or maybe 31 aboard were rescued by an Iroquois helicopter in near cyclone conditions.

The wreck, as is was, was offered for sale. Not much interest in bidding, it would appear. It may be that it was broken in two much much earlier.

A giant crack appeared in the hull at 7: And how frustrating it must have been for Taiseikaihatu in its efforts to salvage the ship. It was, however, stripped of items of value.

Efforts were made in Nov. I read that to Nov. The bow was left on anchor in Salamander Bay for almost 2 years until it was towed to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where it arrived on Feb.

The stern of the ship still lies on Stockton Beach today, now badly eroded, 38 years after it ran aground.

I gather that a Norwegian Court of Inquiry met to consider the disaster. Can anybody provide the resulting report?

It is interesting to note, per Fred Smith, that the ship would seem to have broken her back at the point where the 2 halves were welded together back in Perhaps a large version of a fine image see left showing folks on shore holding a line from the ship when a rocket rescue of the crew was attempted.

An SD dry cargo ship. What a lot of names! The vessel was sold, in , to Atlantic Crown Maritime Co. Likely sold, in , to Zamora Navigation Co.

And sold for the last time, in , to Trans Overseas Co. But the vessel may not have traded as Crest. Arrived at Chittagong Sitalpur , Bangladesh, at or about Jan.

An SD cargo ship. Another vessel which had a lot of names! Visited Auckland, New Zealand, on Oct. However 2 states that the sale was to Valiant Steamship Co.

The vessel was sold, in , to Atheras Shipping Co. But the vessel, apparently, was marked Agia Efimia. Emre Berberoglu advises thanks! There are few references to later names.

Can you help with additional data? Yet another vessel which had a lot of names! Per 1 data in Spanish, Isabel Maria , 2 link 1, Google translated , 3 image, Cosmonaut , 4 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

On May 23, , the vessel arrived at ship breakers at Chittagong, Bangladesh, to be broken up. Now there are references to other names in the ownership history, so the above may well need correction.

Or otherwise add to the record. An SD cargo vessel. Have not read how long the charter was. It would seem that i in Feb.

The above surely needs correction. Can you do so or add anything? SA, of Panama, Holbud Ltd. The vessel was sold in to Blue Horizon Shipping Co.

On May 21, , the vessel arrived at Alang, India, to be broken up. Finding any WWW data at all about the vessel is difficult. As a result, the above text may well need correction.

Miramar refers to other names - of managers I believe. No manager change, thru Per 1 data , 2 Feb. Originally ordered as Arcadian Chivalry , which name was changed to Santa Sophia.

Was chartered at some time to Hamburg South America Line. Became Toros Bay in , also Lemos. Basswood responded to the incident.

Vessel freed itself on Jan. That all happened at Vessel proceeded to Apra Harbor, a deepwater port on the W. An SD cargo vessel, that had a large number of names in its brief lifetime.

Maybe they chartered the vessel for service to South America? Both of those owner names may prove in fact to be manager rather than owner names. Can you add anything to the story?

I wonder why it was renamed? The ship was driven aground by strong winds, on a beach 3 miles S. The vessel must have suffered extensive damage in the grounding.

The vessel was presumably soon further towed to Tuxpan, Mexico, also E. From the absence of data links above, you can see that there is little WWW data about the vessel available.

Vessel had quite a number of names in its lifetime. Initially named for the daughter of George M. Dracopoulos, of Myconos, Greece, i. Empros Lines, for whom the vessel was built.

Possibly the subsidiary company that actually owned the vessel? Renamed Avance in The vessel was sold in , it would seem, to whom?

And correct the above. Built for Verde Shipping Co. Vessel was sold in to whom? The vessel was sold, in , to Saint Michael Shipping Co.

Most WWW references to Michael are to a Piraeus, Greece, company of the name, however 5 indicates that the company, in fact, was Russian.

Vrissi was at fault, it would appear. There are a number of companies of that name, of Hong Kong, of Amsterdam, of India, etc. And some confusion re the various names.

Possibly designed for the carriage of bulk sugar. Built for Mauritius Steam Navigation Co. It would seem, however, that the Pakistan Navy rescued 43 crew members from the ship by helicopter.

And that the vessel later sank. Does the above tell us actually who owned her? In , the vessel was renamed Splendid Fortune. No change of manager.

Because there seems to be very little other WWW data. Into a time charter upon delivery - to Oldendorff, I presume. In , the vessel was renamed Happy Chance.

I thought that might have been when the 3rd vessel of the name was built, but not so. Vessel put into Rio de Janeiro to effect repairs.

On May 31, , the vessel arrived at Calcutta, India, ship breakers to be broken up. A B26 Class bulk carrier. Vessel was sold on Feb. As Jeannie , the vessel made further voyages to Great Lakes ports.

Vessel was renamed St. And sold again in , or maybe on Jan. This listing is added in Apl. I am somewhat confused re the complicated history recorded above.

It would seem that the vessel ran aground in the St. Vessel was sold on Mar. A frequent visitor to Great Lakes ports during her lifetime, I understand.

The WWW record for the vessel is most limited. If you can add anything, your contribution would be most welcome. De Sheng break up, at page 36 , 5 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

In , the vessel was renamed De Sheng. I read that on Mar. An SD cargo vessel, mark IV class. Vessel laid up at Liverpool. Sold, in , to Fortunate Star Marine Ltd.

Have also read Safe Star , but I think that I either misinterpreted the data or the data was wrong. Sold by them, in , to Good Fortune Shipping S.

Renamed Ever Access in or maybe Would still seem to be in operation in A subsequent sale, with no change of vessel name, in Dec. The vessel would seem to be still in operation in The available data is, to the webmaster at least, quite confusing, particularly in separating out the roles of the names i.

The vessel was named, at its launch on Oct. The vessel is still in operation as the vessel is site listed in Feb. A bulk carrier, that looks rather like an SD Built for Brightstone Ltd.

On May 16, , the vessel was sold to Peony Shipping Co. Was it sold at that time? It would seem that on Aug.

And registered at Panama. There are many references to the ship still being operational, indeed, as this page is created on Dec. It may well require correction.

A bulk carrier, ore strengthened. In , the vessel was renamed Adriatic Bulker. Sold at that time? If you know do please advise. And sold by them in Jun.

The vessel may have ended her days, though Miramar does not reference a delisting. A most frustrating vessel to WWW research. There really are no info sources re this vessel.

As for Fayrouz I above, what a lot of names! Per 1 4 images Murmansk , 2 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access. Built for Vassiliki Maritime Co.

In , the vessel was renamed Tenka Maltese owners or registered at Malta, perhaps. In , the vessel became Torm Ceres. In , the vessel was renamed Aegean Bulker , have seen a reference to Korea.

Sold at both times? In , the vessel was sold by Merkland Ltd. Registered at Valletta, Malta. The vessel was, per a now expired eBay reference, still in service in Mar.

Per 1 image, Odelis , 2 image, data at page bottom, Theofilos , 3 image, data, Theofilos , 4 image, Marpessa E. The vessel was apparently not scrapped but was rather restored, over a 6 month period, by its Ukrainian crew.

Was renamed Marpessa E. Au Co 1 was, it would seem, extensively damaged. Have not read about any damage to Marpessa E. Mikado apparently paid U.

The vessel would still seem to be in operation in Despite the above, there really is very little WWW available about the vessel.

Originally ordered as Arcadian Glory. Renamed Mandarin Ocean in Am grateful for the data at Miramar because there seems to be very little WWW data about the vessel or its many owners.

Ordered as Arcadian Fame , which name, it appears, changed to Santa Amalia. The following may therefore contain unintended errors.

It arrived at Santos on Feb. The weather was very bad. In the adverse conditions, the vessel dragged its anchors on Feb. The ship, however, was badly damaged.

It was hoped that the vessel could be refloated - oil was removed to prevent environmental damage. Lauderdale, Florida, undertook the salvage work.

I presume that the insurers came to the same conclusion as had the owners, yes? It sank, bow first, in metres of water.

The circumstances are strange in that the press was not permitted to witness the final chapter. The sinking images are therefore courtesy of Titan.

Can you add to, or correct, the above? An SD dry cargo vessel. On May 11, , the vessel suffered a fire when at Hamburg, Germany.

Can you add anything additional? Visited Auckland, New Zealand, once, on Jun. At Callao, Peru, with all cargo removed, the vessel was declared a constructive total loss with a repair cost higher than her value.

She was not demolished, however, rather repaired. And sank the next day. Tenders were issued to raise her. The above data may well need some correction.

Per 1 data, Asian Liner image, near page bottom , 2 SD14, incl. Originally ordered as London Halberdier , which name was later changed.

Visited Auckland, New Zealand, once, on Jul.

Shahi Paneer — fried tofu cubes in creamy tomato sauce. Seitan Vindaloo — Goan Tangy Curry. Gajur Halava — Bengali Carrot Pudding.

Gulab Jamuns — Doughballs in Rose Syrup. Berry Halava — Fruity Semolina Dessert. In einem kleinen Topf Wasser zum Kochen bringen. Erneut zum Kochen bringen.

Flamme niedrigstellen und abdecken. Je nach Bedarf 12 bis 20 Min. Wenn das Wasser absorbiert ist, Reis vom Herd nehmen. Mit einer Gabel lockern.

Weiter 4 bis 5 Min. Bis zum Servieren abgedeckt durchziehen lassen. Abdecken und Teig 20 bis 30 Min. Pfanne auf mittlerer Flamme erhitzen.

Vor jedem Pancake wiederholen. Unterseite 1 bis 2 Min. Auf einen Teller geben. Abdecken und 12 bis 15 Min. Schalotten , Knoblauch , Zitronengras und gemahlenen Koriander hineingeben.

Weitere 5 bis 10 Min. Eine kleine Bratpfanne auf mittlerer Flamme erhitzen. Weitere 2 bis 3 Min. Wok oder Topf erneut erhitzen.

Nudeln 3 bis 5 Min. Bis zum Servieren abgedeckt ziehen lassen. Bei Bedarf etwas mehr Mehl oder Wasser einkneten. Abdecken und 20 Min.

Vorsichtig auf ein mit Backpapier ausgelegtes Backblech legen. Vor dem Servieren mindestens 5 Min. Ist der Teig zu trocken, etwas mehr Wasser unterkneten.

Teig in 4 bis 6 Kugeln formen. Nach deren Aufplatzen nach etwa 20 bis 30 Sek. Nach und nach Wasser zugeben.

Der Teig sollte etwa dreimal so lang wie breit und etwa 3 mm dick sein. Auf einen leicht gefetteten Teller legen und restliche Rotis vorbereiten.

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Parents come from great bloodlines and have calm, loving personalities. Both worked great hunting pheasants last year. Pups will be re Ash is a strong gal with loads of talent.

Champion sired litter of puppies that will be very natural in all phases of the game. Whippoorwill Wild Again and Sparkles. Lilly, the dam of The British Lab is bred to be smaller and calmer than the American Lab and make great hunting companions.

Ready February 14th - a perfect Valentine gift! Both parents on premises - hunting and show - pedigree on request. First litter looks very nice.

First shots, Wormed, Smart Puppy Devel Have 4 black females British lab puppies. Pups will be reg, utd on shots, microchip, dewclaws removed, both parents ofa clear on hips, elbows, eyes.

Pra, cnm, eic, sd2 clear. Mother was from a gun dog kennel but is used for shed hunting English Pointer pups for sale! Dam and Sire are exceptional in the field.

Both are excellent sage grouse dogs and the male has been worked on pheasants. We have 5 females and We have 3 Yellow females and 2 males for sale.

Born on December 13, Bred for Ability, Temperament and Style! We have puppies available from our Rufnit "R" Litter whelped Puppies have received 6 "Healthy Companion" veterinarian checkups, 5 dewormings, two sets of puppy shots We have some beautiful British Labrador puppies available.

We have yellow males that are ready to go right now. We also have black, yellow, and red pups that will be available the 2nd weekend in March.

The type of dogs we are producing are bred to be not only exceptional gun dogs, but also extremely nice family dogs. Based on their past successes, it is not out of the question that offspring of these males could go on to achieve many titl They come from an exceptional hunting pedigree.

Both parents are superb finished hunting dogs. Dew claws removed and tails docked. An ultrasound has confirmed the pregnancy from the breeding of two beautiful Epagneul Bretons.

We have a beautiful litter of English Setter puppies born Nov They are up to date on vaccinations and vet care.

They come from extraordinary hunting pedigree. Both parents are extremely intelligent, loving, and loyal pets and hunting co All black litter born , we have 5 males and 4 females available.

Both parents have health clearances and puppies will come with health guarantee. Visit our website for pedigree and more details or call or Bird Dog Labs Litter!

Breeder of some of the finest Labrador Retrievers available anywhere! We now have 1 white female available! She is beautiful and has been pointing a pheasant wing multiple times!

This is a very high Belle is a strong athle Sire is a Na and utility test prize 1. That will run for his VC this year and be finishing his Master Hunter title this fall.

Griffs Capone is a very intense hunting dog with a roc Parents are OFA excellent and good. OFA hips and Eyes good and clear. They are dilute free.

This is the last pup available. Sire is a drop dead beautiful boy and needs just one pass to finish his master title. The sire is also show pointed with 5 points in just three weekend shows.

Dam is sired by a field trial champion and three of her four grandparents are We have puppies available in Fayetteville Arkansas.

I do not take deposits and only work off a list. Several folks were not ready at the time when it came to choose.

They will wait for future litters. This opens up 5 females and 6 males. Chocolate pups from two super pedigrees born December 3, She has many high powered dogs in her pedigree in addition to Rascal.

The last three pups out of a litter of ten phenomenal puppies are ready for their new homes, two males and one female available for the active hunting or competitive home.

At just twelve weeks, the pups have been introduced to birds and gu Our pups were born Christmas week.. Both parents are very white with a bit of Champaign coloring around the ears and snout, have thick otter tails, blocky heads and have the stocky look of the English Labradors.

They also have beautiful bl Yellow and Black pups are available and ready for new homes! Here is a great opportunity for someone to own a very well bred super nice Labrador Retriever!!!

We have your next hunting partner or family member! Ready to go December 28 unless they need to fly then they have to wait until they are 8 weeks old.

Cochran British Labrador puppies are from British hunting and field trial genetics. All brood stock are working gundogs assuring our clients sound genetic predictability.

Our sires and dams are properly trained for hunting and hunt test. His father took the nationals in He has a really, really nice pedigree.

Go to our website to see his 5-generation AKC pedigree. He is a sweetheart of a dog and a solid AKC registered Brittany litter ready to go on Dec 24th.

Dame is a French Brittany and sire is an A Bluerock Pups are the real deal. They boast solid pedigrees with a willing temperament and great looks.

All our pups come with a written 26 month health guarantee, Have Dewclaws removed, first set of shots and de-wormed. Will be ready the first week of February.

Tails docked, dew claws removed. Will be current on shots and vet care. Males and females available. Sire and Dam are both from hunting bloodlines with several Field Champions and Master Hunters on both sides.

Both parents are on premises and both are trained to Duck, Dove , Quail and S One sweet and a little sassy chocolate girl, Mavis, and 3 chunky, spirited boys, Billy, Charlie and Tank, ready and waiting for their new families.

Vet-checked, dewormed, UTD on vaccines, microchipped and very socialized around lots of kid Ready to go home January 5 3 males 2 female available Both parents hunt upland game and waterfowl.

Puppies are expected to be He is a lb hard going hunter with stamina. A well built do Excellent black lab puppies. Dam and Sire are both from Champion bloodlines which can be seen in the pedigree chart.

Upon pickup pups will have well All have been well socialized and vaccinated. The sire is an extremely stylish pointing dog with an excellent nose.

He was sired by Shadow Bo Oak, 2 times national champion. Puppies will have dew claws removed, be dew All of these dogs and the dogs in their bloodlines are proven champions.

Easy to train and they have great dispositions. We have a litter of Chocolate lab puppies born the 12th of August. We have puppies available to approved homes.

Our puppies are raised in the home, have tails and dew claws already done, have had at least one puppy s Black lab puppies for sale! We have 4 males and 2 females available.

Puppies were born on October 31st and will be ready for their new homes around Christmas! Puppies will have dew claws re Attention serious waterfowl guides and hunters!

This litter is loaded with our BEST bloodlines 15 years of proven field success. This is a repeat breeding producing awesome pups.

Kimber is a beautiful strong 65 pound dark yellow female. She has a lot Due Thanksgiving Day and ready to go to their new homes in January.

Drumming Woods Miss Gracie Dam is We have 1 females and 2 males all chocolate. Born on and will be ready for Christmas.

They have the dew claws removed and 1st round of shots. Will be ready for Christmas. These puppies will be great for running hunt test or a Perseverance, intelligence, drive, and sweet describe Sadie.

Puppies and parents have wonderful temperaments and have been raised around children. Whelped on November 2, We have 5 AKC registered puppies for sale.

Two orange and white females. Two orange and white males. One black and white male. Dam is Bonnie, she is a four year old orange Brittany, great with other dogs and chi Two females and one male.

SH WC and G Akc Chocolate, Black and Yellow Pups. Parents are from pointing lines and are all excellent bird dogs, have all health clearances and are family dogs with great dispositions.

Pups will be highly trainable, have high drive and have the look Six female, one male born October Both parents FDSB registered and have been great hunters as well as family pets.

More pictures and pedigree available upon request. Born Sept 22, both parents great hunters. Pups social and handled daily. Three black females left!

He needs just a couple of passes for his Master Hunter title. Ammo is 75 pounds of solid Many state and national championships in this bloodline!

Sire and dam are both solid field trial dogs and are regularly hunted. Father of the dam is Cooper which has won many national and state championships.

This is a very good looking female out of Birchreek Kodiak and Birchcreek Chena. She is a very dark fox red shade of yellow and will be around lbs.

She is 6 months old and ready to go to the trainers or start your own training she i Chocolate pups from two super pedigrees are due December 10, We currently have 3 black females and 1 chocolate female still available.

The sire of this litter They both compete HRC test. The Dam has 3 seasoned pasts. Sire has two started pasts. Puppies are going very good and ready just in time for Christmas.

They will all have health certified Drahthaar puppies welped I have both males and females available from this litter.

Both parents are incredibl Winnie is an excellent example of the breed and makes a great companion on a dove field. His bloodlines include dogs from Backwoods and Cascade Kennels.

He will be up to date on shots. Five black Labrador puppies three boys two girls for sale out of a litter of They were whelped on October 11, The dam has very good bloodline,many champions in her line.

She is a pointing lab black in color. Her hips have a Litter of 10 whelped Oct 24th. All puppies will be vet checked, dewclaws removed, wormed and first round of shots.

Please check out our website www. Com References upon request. Beans blaze pedigree 5 females 1 male 7 weeks old welp September 7th.

Oahe Remington has been bred to Altiquin Magnet. This is an awesome breeding. Both parents are excellent hunters both upland and waterfowl hunting.

They are very calm in the house but have a lot of drive when the Looking for that flashy red shade to be your next hunting partner and family companion?

This litter has it all. Both parents excel in the fie Please contact for puppy pics Litter was whelped o Both parents have great temperaments, Hard driving hunters with great desir Inherited test done on Dam and Sire.

Both Dam and Sire have Good hips and normal eyes, elbows, and eyes. Sire proven duck hunter and lived in Arkansas for 8 years.

Puppies are being crate train Now taking deposits for your chance to own a very high performing, but calm, biddable GSP pup. Now accepting deposits for puppies.

Superior Gun dog Pedigree with tons of proven talent! Less than 70 Labradors in AKC history have Akc chocolate male lab 8 weeks old, born September 1, Has been started with birds, crate training, potty training.

Very socialized with kids. First pup shots, dewormed, dew claws removed. We have 6 puppies that were born October 4th, We have two chocolate males, two black males, and two black females.

Both parents are hunters and love the water!! The pictures attached to this ad describe the parents very well!

German shorthair pointer pups full liver from very good bloodline. AKC Registered; tail cropped; dew claws removed; will have shots and microchipped.

Any questions or interested customers please email david bluribbonvaluations. Betina has lots of drive and great disposition. Farm and family raised pups from excellent bloodlines.

Our dame has an excellent International and USA pedigree filled with many titles. Quinn is a light dead-grass girl with a beautiful coat and a nice med size build.

She has great hunting We strive in our breeding program to produce top quality working Labradors that are mentally and physically sound. Money back gauarantee on all pup Chocolate Lab pups born Sept 4, Ready for New Homes October 28th.

I currently have a 7 week old litter of 4. One female three males which are currently looking for a home! They are registered and are up to date on shots.

Also have their dewclaws removed. Dam and sire are great house pets as well as huntin This is an incredible breeding. Jet is a strong lov Both parents have master hunter bloodlines.

Female is an excellent bird dog, and male is tournament champion. Both parents have outstanding pedigrees full of titled field t Pups have been introduced OFA hips and elbows, Thyriods normal and clear of von Willabran GWP puppies born 9.

Excellent hunters and family dogs. Ready for pickup on November 7th. Tails docked and dew claws removed. Will have first puppy shots too. Located in Princeton, MN.

This is a fantastic example of a Big Sky The sire comes f Their drive and desire to to hunt and retrieve is over the top.

Some of the noteable dogs in their pedigrees are Candlewoods Yellow male and yellow female available and ready after Oct 10th.

Excellent field and home companions. All health clearances on both parents. Sire is Master Hunter and QA2. Dam is fully-trained and experienced working hunting dog.

AKC registered, well socialized with both adults and children. Accompanied with written 26 month health guarantee. Please visit my website for additional information including pictures and testimonial This is a very intelligent breed used for hunting and is also very adaptable to home life and being around families with children.

They are very loving, as well as energetic and would be great in a family home. Aside from being very ene Nice litter of full British pedigreed lab pups.

Sire and dam are excellent dogs. We travelled far to breed to the sire. This litter will be worth it. Pups will come with 30 month guarantee and vet checked.

Extremely nice pedigree here AKC Registered Labrador puppies, we have 6 females and 3 males. Both have had the Paw Print Panel testing done and are clear.

Striker the Male is a very athletic build English male, he i Both dogs have great personalities and working abilities. Koda has a great attitude loves the water and aims to please.

Vet guaranteed, tails docked, dewclaws removed, currently on wormer and will have 1st round of shots. Both AKC registered parents live inside, are well mannered, were easily trained, love to Sold with health guarantee, tails docked, du claws removed, two sets of shots and wormed.

GSP make excellent bird dogs. They are easily trained, well tempered, and good with children. Pointer Puppies for sale.

These pups have been well socialized w This breeding will produce and all chocolate litter and pups will be born OCT AKC registered with first two sets of shots and wormed.

Sold with health guarantee. Tails docked du claws removed. Champion bloodlines with pedigrees to show it. Mother and father on the premises.

Sire will be inducted into Bird Hall of Fame. AKC Breeder of Merit. OFA good hips and elbows on Sire. Dam OFA good hips.

Health Certificates, vaccines and Dam is own Daughter of Jetsetter. She has same mother as the only living field champion female Lewellin Setter.

She gained her championship on horseback field trials. This is Lewellin line is Hip certified Dam and Stud all the way. Maryland Foxhound Pups born May 17, All shots and wormed.

Parents on premises and are superior track hounds. He is an outstandin Dam is a great pet with a strong pedigree as well.

Pups will make great hunting companions or great pets. Orange Belton and 2 possible Tri. Dam excellent in field. Champion lines out of top state breeders.

This is a nice litter. Parents both excellent dispositions.

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